Welcome to The Official Tax Plug

Our journey began in 2021 with a simple yet powerful idea: Could we combine the extensive expertise of Big 4 firms with the personalized touch and flexibility of a boutique agency?

It might have seemed ambitious, but today, we are proudly doing just that. Our mission? To infuse a bit more heart and understanding into the intricate realm of tax solutions.

Where the Digital World Embraces Human Connection

While we embrace the advantages of modern technology, giving us an edge in efficiency and scope, we also value the authenticity of personal interactions. Our online platforms ensure we're always within reach, providing swift and seamless communication. And while our presence in major hubs like New York City and London keeps us plugged into global business trends, we know that meaningful connections don’t always depend on location. Even if we can't be in every city or town, our dedication to understanding your needs remains unwavering. It's our belief that the most insightful tax solutions often blossom from genuine conversations, whether they're virtual or over a shared cup of coffee.

Leading with Confidence

In the vast world of taxation and finance, Confidence Lackwood stands as a beacon of expertise and dedication at the heart of The Official Tax Plug. The essence of what makes Confidence remarkable is multifaceted. Confidence's journey, enriched by over 17 years with the Big 4, has shaped her into a formidable force in tax consultancy. Her years in these esteemed corridors, combined with her innate analytical prowess, have built a legacy of excellence that's hard to match.

What sets Confidence and The Official Tax Plug apart is not just vast knowledge or a decorated portfolio. It's the blend of personalized service, global outlook, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Under her leadership, clients are not just numbers; they're partners in a journey toward financial clarity and success.

Global Acumen

Not one to be confined by borders, Confidence has navigated the labyrinth of international taxes, devising strategies for both individuals and multinational entities. This global perspective, blended with local insights, ensures that clients receive a well-rounded, informed approach.

Global Mobility Maestro

As businesses and individuals aim to expand their horizons, Confidence's expertise in global mobility emerges as a vital asset. Her adeptness in this domain ensures seamless transitions and optimized tax scenarios

Tech and Finance Affinity

In the fast-paced realms of technology and finance, Confidence has consistently demonstrated her mettle. Her collaborations with top-tier global entities in these sectors underscore her nuanced understanding and ability to tackle industry-specific challenges

Affluence Whisperer

The world of the ultra-wealthy is intricate, demanding both precision and discretion. Confidence excels here, melding number-crunching with a tailored approach that caters to the unique needs of this clientele.

What Makes The Official Tax Plug Shine

Personalized Tax Narratives

We're your friendly tax companions, clearing the fog and making sense of the intricate

Agility in Action

Our 'everywhere and always there' approach ensures we’re by your side, just when you need us.

A Partnership, Not Just Service

Beyond tax talk, we're here to listen, advise, and walk this journey with you.